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Vocal Training
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Learn how to sing it with passion. Learn how to sing it dynamically. Learn how to sing it with style. ProVocalz App will help you improve your vocal skills no end. So you can sing with the voice you've always wanted.

Sing it right, sing it with ProVocalz.

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Sing like a pro...

Autocreate Session

Choose how long you want to practice singing for, and you're away. Let the ProVocalz session surprise you, or choose to see the playlist. Either way, it's like having a personal singing teacher to keep you motivated. The more vocal exercises you have, the more fun it becomes.

Set Your Session Focus

When learning how to sing, we recommend you have a full and varied practice routine. This helps the voice become more versatile though there will be times when you need to focus your singing on certain things, like singing harmonies.

Record Your Progress

What you hear in your head is never what comes out of your mouth. With ProVocalz you can start recording at any time in an exercise, and play it back to evaluate your performance.

Join Our Team

Contact us if:

  • You are a singing teacher and have an exercise that you think would be suitable for ProVocalz.
  • You are a music producer and would like to provide music for exercises.
  • You have suggestions of what you would like to see from Pro Vocalz in the future.
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